Hi guys, has any one ever been in this kind of situation where you go somewhere or you just met someone and you both are trying to get to know each other than you are asked the question “Who are you”? And you are just there wondering “who the fuck m I? Well it happened to me recently and it just was awkward. So sometimes last week, I was invited to a get together by a group of friends which I attended.  While the party was going on, I was just there enjoying myself and a guy just walks up to me trying to start a conversation with me and all, then I felt well why not, meeting people isn’t really my thing but I think I like it when I do. So he told me his name and asked for mine and that was how the conversation started. He then asked me to tell him about myself, in my mind I was like wow! how do i even start? What am I supposed to say that won’t make me look like a confused human being because the guy was really cool and all and I didn’t want the conversation to end? I was lost for like a few minutes before he tapped me and asked again, so I told him to go first so that it would give me more time to think. Thank God that worked, everything he said at least gave me an insight to what I was supposed to say, and that’s how I got saved.

That evening I got home and I just kept on thinking “who am I”, the truth is I have never really been in such a face to face conversation before, it was always during chats most of the times so I always find a way to avoid it because i kind of find it annoying and now that I couldn’t, at least I figured a way out of it. So I decided to write out in my journal 30 things about me and share with you guys.


  1. I’m very shy until I get comfortable
  2. I have a very small circle of friends
  3. I do not have a favorite color
  4. White roses are my favorite kind of flowers
  5. I love my space! Yes I won’t never trade it for anything
  6. I might appear really mean and strong-hearted, but I’m a very emotional person
  7. I have a big phobia for height (acrophobic) and public speaking (Glossophobic)
  8. I have a really tiny voice
  9. I don’t joke with the people I love and care about
  10. I love love! And I believe in happy endings
  11. I’m very quiet so I tend to enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment
  12. I’m very easy to tears, like I still cry for movies
  13. I love hanging out with people who bring happiness to my soul
  14. I don’t enjoy talking, it makes me tired but I love being around people who do except the very lousy ones
  15. I’m very persistent about getting the things I want.
  16. I love traveling a lot; I hope I get to explore the world someday!
  17. I hate anything that brings me discomfort
  18. M a junkie and I love chocolate cakes and fruits.
  19. I cry when m angry and that gets me even more angry like why the fuck! Am I crying?
  20. You would never find me arguing, it’s too stressful for me
  21. I love TV series a lot, I would choose supernatural and drama over comic any day
  22. No, I don’t watch horror movies/ TV series
  23. I would choose podcasts over books and sleep over outings (I sleep a lot)
  24. Little favors get to me!
  25. I don’t like cheats
  26. I’m generally a very picky person
  27. I like writing but could be lazy at it.
  28. I often forget my age
  29. Can’t believe it’s taking me a week to get this done!
  30. Thank God m done!

Dear reader(s), I hope this gives you an insight to be able to answer when you are asked to describe yourself and if you would like to write yours and share with other readers on my blog please feel free to do so by sending an email to or you can as well leave a comment in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by!



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